Main Window
  • Searching by keywords.
  • Creating playlists, keyword and author lists.

Grid View
  • It enables to display search results as Glid View mode.
  • You can change image size by moving slider.

HD Video Search
  • Shows "HD" label in thumbnail image, if search result has HD format video.
  • Please check "Search HD Video is Available" in Preferences. (default is disabled)

Flash Player

Video Player / QuickTime Player
Player Window
  • Playing video in floating window.
  • Selecting play mode. (Repeat off, All, One)
  • Full screen window.
  • Changing player type.
    Flash Player Using flash player on YouTube site.
    Video Player Using "video" tag of HTML5.
    Faster than Flash Player.
    QuickTime Player Using QuickTime.
    More faster than Video Player.

  • You can create playlists and add videos from search results.
  • You can create keyword and author lists.

Standard Feed List
  • You can create category list on YouTube site.
  • When you changed country, search from selected country.

Related Search Window
  • Searching for related videos and authors videos.

Information Panel
  • Shows video information.
  • You can read viewer's comments.
  • You can open video or author's page with browser.
  • You can copy information to clip board.

Downloads Window
  • You can see status of downloading files.

Play History Window
  • You can see history of played videos.