Main Window
  • Drop files or folders from finder, and import files.
  • Searching by keywords, and creating playlists.

Grid view
  • Display items as Glid View mode.
  • You can change image size by moving slider.

  • Playing in player window.
  • Changing scale(50 - 300%) or resizing.
  • Playing at full screen.
  • Playing continually or repeating.

Overlay Controller
  • Control Play/Stop, Forward/Back, Skip and more.

Full Screen Play
  • Playing at full screen.
  • Control with floating controller.

Information Panel
  • Showing information of imported files.
  • You can change title, file path.
  • Creating thumbnail images.

Gallery Panel
  • You can change videos from gallery panel at playing.

Chapter Panel
  • You can add chapter and play.
  • You can add chapters automatically at selected interval.

Page Jump (Grid view / Gallery Panel)
  • It enable to jump pages at right clicking on page button.