Main Window
  • Displays supported roms. (At first, you need to import roms list.)
  • You can change default rom set (parent or clone) for displaying.
  • Searching by keyword, creating playlist and browsing by data attributes.
  • You can change images. (Screenshots, Flyers, and more)

Grid view
  • Displays search results as Glid View mode.
  • You can change image size by moving slider.
  • You can change background image.

Clones window
  • Displays clone rom set.
  • You can change default rom set for displaying in main view.

Informatin panel
  • Displays Informatin of romset and file status.
  • You can change label color and tag words.
  • Displays from web site by adding URL.

Extra Bezel
  • You can play with extra bezels. (SDLMAME only)